Benefit was founded in 2002 by Marek and Lukáš Podsedník brothers and Vlado Kosiba (bass). Lukáš started to play five-string banjo after he had played the mandolin in a previous band. Together with Láďa Cejnek, they performed at famous bluegrass festivals such as Banjo Jamboree, Bluegrass Večer Horná Poruba or Risor Bluegrass Festival (Norway).
After some time Láďa left Benefit and the band welcomed Libor Babák, experienced banjo player from Brno. Lukáš moved back to the mandolin and in this composition the band has played for about 10 years.
In recent years, Vlado left and Mirek Svoboda joined the band. Matyáš Černý, young fiddle player, has been enriching the bluegrass sound of Benefit. In October 2017 the band celebrated its 15 year-anniversary and is required by faithful fans to play more and more…

Band Members
Marek Podsedník – guitar, vocals
Lukáš Podsedník – mandolin, vocals
Libor Babák – five-string banjo, vocals
Mirek Svoboda – bass guitar
Matyáš Černý – fiddle, vocals